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VIOHS Urges Community to Prioritize Traffic Safety

U.S. Virgin Islands - As holiday festivities increase, the VI Police Department (VIPD) and the VI Office of Highway Safety (VIOHS) remind the community to exercise caution when using the roadways. Resident and visiting road users should navigate holiday-congested streets strategically to reduce crashes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), traffic congestion leads to aggressive driving behaviors like road rage and speeding. It is critical that road users reduce speed and exercise patience with other road users to reduce crash risks. Sharing the road with cyclists and pedestrians, especially on poorly lit roads and roads which are under construction, will safeguard vulnerable road users. Pedestrians and cyclists should also wear bright, reflective colors after sunset to ensure they are seen.

Safe road use requires steady and focused attention to ever-changing road conditions. Eliminating distractions like cell phone use while driving and when walking on the roadways provides the focus required to traverse the roads safely. For everyone’s safety, the community is challenged to keep intoxicated drivers off the roadways. If a driver plans to drink, a sober ride should be prearranged. Sober partygoers are asked to intervene to get the intoxicated home safely. Additionally, the seat belt is the best defensive tool to reduce injuries and fatalities for all vehicle occupants; buckle up!

This season, make joyful memories. For more information on traffic safety, contact the Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety through Director O’Neal at, or Occupant Protection Planner/Coordinator Denise Gomes at You may also contact the office via telephone at (340) 642-7939 or (340) 473-7383.


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