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Firearm Confiscated Following Traffic Stop

November 22, 2011
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Special Operations officers on saturated patrol on St. Croix confiscated an illegal firearm and arrested a suspect following a traffic stop where the suspect was seen by officers committing two traffic violations.   Police arrested Akeem A. Javois, age 21,of Estate Mon Bijou about 7p.m. on Saturday, November 19 in estate Campo Rico.

Police said they saw the car Javios was driving ride through a stop sign and turn without signalling. The officers stopped the vehicle and while talking to Javios, saw a firearm under his shirt. Officers detained Javios and then arrested him.  

Javios was charged with Unauthorized Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm. He was placed on a $25,000 bail and remanded to the custody of the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility pending his Advice of rights.                            

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