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Two Suspects Dead Following Home Invasion

November 30, 2012

Just after 2 a.m. on November 30, 911 emergency dispatchers received a call from a female resident of Estate Beeston Hill who told them that three suspects were in her home demanding money. The resident was able to leave the call open throughout the crime and 911 was able to relay to the VIPD everything they heard in the home.

Police converged on the scene including officers from C Command, Juvenile, Forensics, and the Criminal Investigation Bureau. Once the suspects emerged from the home they realized that they were surrounded by VIPD officers. The suspects were ordered to drop their weapons and get on the ground. Instead they open fired on the police officers and officers returned fire. Two suspects were shot dead and a third suspect was apprehended by a K9 officer and his canine dog.

Officer Theodore Willocks of the Juvenile Bureau received gunshot wounds in his back and leg and is receiving medical treatment. The canine dog was also injured and is receiving medical treatment. The two residents were unharmed. Police recovered more than four weapons at the scene along with items stolen from the home. The suspect who attempted to flee the scene is a male minor whom the police now have in custody.

This case is under active investigation by the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

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