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VIPD 2012 Summer Camp Applications are Available

June 07, 2012

Police Commissioner Henry W. White, Jr. is pleased to announce that applications are available for the Virgin Islands Police Department sponsored summer programs including P.A.L., S.A.D.D, Weed and Seed and DEFY.

These programs are police sponsored juvenile crime prevention program which offer recreational, educational, cultural and social programs to youth ages 6 to 16 while strengthening the bond between the police officers and young people.

Police Commissioner White encourages parents to sign their children up for the program. "Studies show that youth who interact favorably with police officers gain an early respect for the law and this contact lessens the chances of them being involved in criminal activity in the future," Commissioner White said.

For more information on the summer programs and to download an application, click on the appropriate link:

Program applications are also available at any police station in the territory.

For more information on the VIPD summer programs on St. Thomas or St. John call the Crime Prevention office 776-1525. For VIPD summer programs on St. Croix call the Crime Prevention office at 773-6393.

Donors are encouraged to contribute to the programs or sponsor a youth, call the Crime Prevention office to find out how you can give.

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