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St. Thomas/St. John District Police Academy Graduates Officers

June 25, 2011

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The Virgin Islands Police Department added more law enforcement officers to its force during a ceremony held on Friday, June 24 at the SFC Leonard B. Francis Armory on St. Thomas.

St. Thomas/St. John Police Recruit Class 2010-2 was comprised of 23 Virgin Islands Police officers along with five VI Superior Court Deputy Marshals, one Waste Management Authority Environmental Enforcement officer and one UVI Campus Police Officer.

St. Thomas / St. John District Police Academy Graduates Officers“Together we aspire, together we pull through, together we are one,” was the motto for the class. Virgin Islands Supreme Court Associate Justice Ive Arlington Swan administered the oath of office in the presence of family, friends, and well-wishers who supported the officers during their six months of rigorous trainings which culminated in their prestigious moment.

Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis in his speech said this is an exciting time for the new officers to show the community what they are made of and not take their role lightly. “For every criminal you help to bring to justice there will be a citizen who will feel safer. There will be a citizen that will grow up in a better environment because you were there to protect their rights.”

The Lieutenant Governor also said the territory is making progress in the battle against crime.

Assistant Police Commissioner Raymond L. Hyndman told the officers this is their opportunity to make a difference in our community. “This is your launch to a new career; do not make it your landing. You have much further to go as new law enforcement professionals, public servants and ambassadors of the Virgin Islands.”

Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis Jr. who is on bereavement leave, sent his congratulations to the graduates.

St. Thomas/St. John district Police Chief Rodney F. Querrard Sr. encouraged the officers to be leaders and ignore those who may discourage them from honorably performing their duties. “I am asking you to do what is right for the people of this community, which also consists of your family and loved ones, no matter what. In this career you have to be a leader, not a follower.”

Police Academy Training Director Oakland Benta also told the officers the importance of policing. “You will be given a mantle to serve this community…they will lean on you to make sure that you protect them and guide them when they need to be guided and serve them without any partisan position in every single aspect.”

Class President Derrick Bougouneau spoke on behalf of his class with pride. “On behalf of Police Class of 2010-2 it is our duty to serve the people of the Virgin Islands with honor, courage, and dignity day in and day out.”

The new officers are:

Virgin Islands Police Department

  • Josiah Angol
  • Derrick Bougouneau
  • Ingrid Bukle
  • Kyle Carty
  • Alex Dorsett
  • Clinte Ettinoffe
  • Bernice Farrell
  • Lisa Herbert-Gonzaley
  • Rakisha Krigger
  • Kerdin Lewis
  • Nerissa Lewis
  • Adelbert Molyneaux, Jr.
  • Gabriel Reed
  • Jamie Serrano
  • Julie Sewer
  • Nichelle Smith
  • Jason Thomas
  • Tyresha Thomas
  • Jefflyn Titre
  • Ja’lda Turnbull - Highest Physical Fitness Score (Female)
  • Nikita Turnbull - Highest Physical Fitness Score (Male)
  • Shawell Turnbull - Highest Firearm Score (Female) and Highest Academic Average
  • Travis Wyatt

Superior Court of the Virgin Islands Deputy Marshals

  • Monique Duncan
  • Tarron Francis
  • Malissa Hanley
  • Lyndell Rabsatt - Highest Firearm Score (Male) and Commissioner’s Award
  • Tina Smith

VI Waste Management Authority Environmental Enforcement Officer

  • Dianna Castro

University of the Virgin Islands UVI Campus Police

  • Kimba Enrique


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