St. Croix Agriculture Fair 2015

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The 44th annual Virgin Islands AgriFest was held on St. Croix February 14 – 16, 2015.

“AgriFest gives you a snapshot of not only agriculture, but the possibilities that we can do with our Agriculture industry by adding value to our products. It also celebrates our culture and things that you normally don’t see throughout the year."

The U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department participated in this year’s event, offering the general public a little insight on what the department does, through demonstrations of equipment and featured divisions such as the Bomb Squad.

Support staff was on hand as Recruiters, explained to the numerous young Virgin Islanders lined up under the VIPD Tent, what’s entailed into becoming a Police Officer while the members of the Grove Place ‘Weed and Seed” under the guidance of the Crime Prevention Unit, lent a helping hand in distributing both brochures and smiles the entire weekend.

  1. 44th Annual Agriculture & Food Fair in St. Croix
    Agrifest pic 1
  2. Mobile Substation
    Agrifest pic 2
  3. Pat Canegata & Marsha Marcelle - Support Staff
    Agrifest pic 3
  4. Shermaine Petersen-Nielsen & the Grove Weed & Seed Group
    Agrifest pic 4
  5. Comm. Richards, Chief Hector, & Sgt. Issac Porter
    Agrifest pic 5
  6. Lt. Dennis James and Sgt. Mark Corneiro
    Agrifest pic 6
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