Biography of Ferdinand Reyes (Former Assistant Director of Planning and Research)

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Ferdinand ReyesFerdinand Reyes has been a Law Enforcement Officer for twenty-eight years. He started in November 29, 1986 as a uniform Patrol Officer, patrolled commercial, business, and residential districts and helped to maintain law and order. In March 13, 1988, he was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau, with duties as an Investigator, assigned cases to investigate from arrest to adjudication.

In 1991, he was promoted to Police Sergeant, and assigned as the Administrative Sergeant for the Criminal Investigations Bureau. In 1995, he was assigned to the Office of the Police Commissioner, Bureau of Planning, Research and Development. In May 1996 he assumed the responsibilities of supervisor for the Planning, Research and Development Bureau, District of St. Croix, and functioned as the Assistant to Director Riise E.S. Richards. Duties included maintaining statistical data, supervising the development, implementation and promulgation of forms, policies and procedures.

Reyes attended meetings as the representative of the Planning Bureau, to include budget hearing hearings that represent the Virgin Islands Police Departments best interests. In April 26, 2003 he was appointed to head the Planning, Research and Development Bureau, as Acting Director, by then Commissioner Elton Lewis, I held this position until 2009. In 2009 a new director was hired and he re-assumed the responsibilities of supervisor for the Planning Bureau, district of St. Croix with over site over the Central Records Bureau. In August of 2012 Reyes was assigned as Acting Special Assistant to the Police Commissioner by then Henry W. White with the continued duties and responsibilities of supervising and directing the day to day activities of the Planning and Research Bureau and the Central Records Bureau.

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