Biography of Former St. Thomas/St. John Chief of Police Darren Foy

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Darren Foy Darren Maurice Foy was born on February 15, 1969, in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Darren is the second of three sons born to Rupert Malcolm Foy and Enola Delores Caiby Foy. His oldest brother Duane Malcolm Foy resides in Orlando, Florida. Daverne Michael Foy, his youngest brother resides in Austin, Texas. Even though Darren was born in Puerto Rico, has was raised on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He attended the All Saints Cathedral School from junior kindergarten until the 8th grade, and then he transferred to the Charlotte Amalie High School where he graduated as an honor student in the Business Department in June 1987. Darren matriculated at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Administration in June 1991. While attending the University of New Haven he played on the junior varsity baseball team his freshman, sophomore and junior years.

In 1992, Darren returned to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where he was hired as a police officer with the Virgins Police Department. Upon graduating from the Virgin Islands Police Academy, Darren was assigned to all of the various police zones on St. Thomas and St. John during his probationary period. It was during this period Darren got his first-hand knowledge as to police practice and policies. During his career Darren has received various specialized training from state and local law enforcement entities to include: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Heckler and Koch International Training School, United States Army Military Police School, National Law Enforcement Training Center, St. Petersburg College Florida Regional Community Policing Institute, U. S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations to name a few. Furthermore, Darren has held several titles and assignments during his career to include a Special Federal Officer with the Safe Streets Task Force. Darren held a Special Deputation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Marshals Service while he was assigned to the Safe Streets Task Force. Darren was a Forensic Detective and Training Instructor with the Virgin Islands Police Department. During his tenure as a member of the Safe Streets Task Force, Darren obtained Top Secret National Security Clearance. On February 12, 2007, Darren was selected for promotional advancement to the Rank of Police Sergeant in recognition for successfully passing the Police Sergeant's Promotional Examination. After the promotion to Sergeant, Darren was assigned as the supervisor of the Safe Streets Task Force. Darren continued as supervisor of the Safe Streets Task Force until June 25, 2007, when he was appointed Deputy Chief of Police for St. John, USVI. On March 18, 2012, Darren was appointed Chief of Police for the St. Thomas/St. John District, USVI after serving as the Deputy Chief of Police, St. John, USVI.

One of Darren major accomplishments as a police detective assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task force was his opportunity to attend and graduate from the prestigious FBI National Academy program in Quantico, Virginia on March 26, 1999. It was extra rewarding for Darren to attend the National Academy 196th Session since it is a program for law enforcement personnel from state, local, and county that are high ranking in their perspective departments. When Darren attended the National Academy he was a Detective with seven years’ experience however, he had demonstrated exceptional investigative skills while assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

Darren is the proud father of three sons: Jelani, JeQuan, and D'Moi. In addition to working as the Chief of Police, he is an avid softball player and plays in the Governmental, Sentill, and Forty-Plus Softball leagues. Also, he assists the managers of his youngest son D’Moi’s Pee-wee baseball team whenever he has the time.

During his tenure with the Virgin Islands Police Department Darren has acquired many awards and professional training in law enforcement in which he has applied towards his leadership role as the Chief of Police for the St. Thomas/St. John District of the United States Virgin Islands.

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