Police Auxiliary Service

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Come and be a part of your community!

What is the Police Auxiliary?

The Virgin Islands Police Auxiliary is an organization of concerned and committed individuals joined together to supplement and support the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD). These dedicated men and women study, train and exercise to prepare themselves for the challenging tasks of assisting regular police officers in their duties, helping with civic activities and events and a host of other duties in service to our community. The work is frequently demanding, often difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it brings to the members the sense of fulfillment and personal satisfaction that comes from belonging to an organization of law enforcement professionals.

Who can join?

According to the V.I. Code, “The selection of persons for enlistment in the Police Auxiliary shall be made in an impartial manner and without discrimination against any person on account of creed, race, or color.” Department policy further directs that religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability or marital status shall not automatically disqualify one from enlistment in the Police Auxiliary.

In order to maintain a positive professional image and high standards of integrity for all U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department law enforcement representatives, the VIPD maintains strict qualifications for the position of Police Auxiliary Program member.  

In order to quality for membership in the Police Auxiliary Program, you:
  • Must be a citizen of the United States and/or permanent resident of the Virgin Islands
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and less than 50 years of age
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • Must pass a thorough background check, the extent to be determined by the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department
  • Must have high moral and ethical standards
  • Must be willing to comply with all applicable U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department policies and procedures
  • Must never have been convicted of a felony crime or other offenses as determined by the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department
  • Possess a current and valid Virgin Islands driver’s license at time of appointment
  • Must have a strong desire and commitment to serve the U.S. Virgin Islands community and its citizens.

What does the Police Auxiliary do?

Members of the Police Auxiliary assist and supplement the regular members of the Virgin Islands Police Department in a wide variety of different duties and assignments. From partnering with a patrol officer to delivering a speech at a Neighborhood Watch meeting, the duties to which the Police Auxiliary member may be assigned vary greatly.

Possible duties include:
  • Provide Security at Public Functions
  • Safety/crime prevention presentations
  • Assist police as Ride-Along officers
  • Traffic control
  • General clerical/data entry office work
  • Managing Neighborhood Watch programs
  • Business and First Watch programs
  • Dissemination of Crime Alerts
  • Enforcement of Handicapped Parking
  • Minor offense complaint processing
  • Crime scene security
  • Victim follow-up
  • Fleet maintenance duties
  • Parade duties

Is training provided?

Upon acceptance into the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department Auxiliary Program (VIPDAP), members will be encouraged to complete the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department Training Academy Program for certification. Police Auxiliary Program members will be given a wide variety of currently available assignments and activities. An Auxiliary member must work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per month, unless otherwise ordered by the Police Commissioner. A comprehensive training program will be provided by U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department staff and/or Police Auxiliary members in the area or areas of interest. Training will be commensurate with assignments and will vary in length and intensity.

Training topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  •  U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department policies and procedures
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Traffic Control
  • Patrol and Investigations Operations
  • Crime Prevention Programs and Public Speaking
  • Crime Scene Security and Procedures
  • Minor Crime and Incident Complaint Taking

At the completion of the required probationary period and review of the evaluation reports, all members of the Auxiliary Service shall be assigned to one of the following ranks by the Commissioner of Police. They shall rank in the following order:

  • Auxiliary Police Captain
  • Auxiliary Police Lieutenant
  • Auxiliary Police Sergeant
  • Auxiliary Police Corporal
  • Auxiliary Police Officer

The retention of the rank designation depends upon satisfactory evaluation reports on the police auxiliaries of all ranks.

How do I apply?

Contact the Auxiliary Program Coordinator to find out more about the Police Auxiliary and to obtain the necessary application forms. The completed forms should be returned to the Program Coordinator who will advise you of the step in the process.

The application process for the Police Auxiliary Program is as follows:
  • Completion of an initial application, obtainable at the Virgin Islands Police Department
  • Application review by Auxiliary Program Coordinator or designee
  • Completion of comprehensive background information packet
  • Background Investigation to be coordinated by the Police Auxiliary Program Coordinator
  • The background investigation will include at a minimum a criminal history clearance, fingerprints to be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Motor Vehicles clearance, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) clearance, financial history clearance, local criminal history clearance, personal references, and employment history
  • Interview with the Police Auxiliary Program Coordinator or designee and an interview board selected by the Program Coordinator

What is expected from members?

The U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department Auxiliary Program is committed to maintaining a positive image of its members. For this reason, certain rules of conduct have been created and will be followed by Police Auxiliary Program members at all times. Police Auxiliary members will be expected to adhere to many of the same rules of behavior and performance as expected of any regular member of the Virgin Islands Police Department, both on and off duty. The rules of behavior can be found in the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department Police Manual and General Orders. All members of the Police Department, both regular and auxiliary, are required to behave in a professional manner that will bring credit to the Department at all times, to lead law-abiding lives in a manner consistent with the highest standards of society and the law. Self-discipline, maturity and respect must be maintained and displayed in all interactions with peers and the public.

The position of Police Auxiliary is challenging and demanding at times, often taking time away from family and friends. In times of natural disaster or other emergency, Auxiliary members may be called upon to serve the community under trying and highly stressful circumstances. These sacrifices may be difficult, but they are part of what it means to be one of the few who have what it takes to be in law enforcement.

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