Management Information Systems (MIS) Bureau

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Kareem E. Christian



(340) 715-5520 (St. Thomas)
(340) 712-6039 (St. Croix)


(340) 713-1994 (St. Croix)


The Management Information Systems Bureau is determined to the provide a variety of information technology services to Virgin Islands Police Department to assist in the ongoing war against crime and violence in the territory by assisting investigators with the tools to conduct better investigative analysis.


Automate the entire Virgin Islands Police Department by the end of 2004 and increase technological awareness as it pertains to law enforcement for our officers. Therefore, all Virgin Islands Police Department personnel are empowered through the use of technology to increase their capacity to become proficient in the skills of investigating, record keeping, crime analysis, traffic analysis, accident analysis and most essentially strong police skills to ensure future success in law enforcement in the 21st century. By creating a technology centered environment, the Virgin Islands Police Department will provide a community of lifelong Police Officers with the skills necessary to combat crime in the New Millennium.

Communications Bureau

Under the general supervision of the Chiefs of Police of the district, the Commander of Communications shall exercise authority and assume the overall responsibility for planning, organizing and managing the operations of an effective centralized communications system within the district.

The primary objective of this position is to provide for the most effective Radio and Tele-Communications within all elements of the Department in the district and within the community. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • The Commander of the Communications Bureau shall supervise, coordinate and control the activities of the Communications Dispatch and Maintenance Sections, the operations of the Switchboard, Tele-Service Operations, all the personnel assigned to the bureau and all departmental communications equipment and facilities. He shall ensure the licensing of Radio Stations for the Department.

  • Develop communications system specifications, methods and procedures to promote an effective communication system for the Department. He shall be responsible for the proper receipt and handling of all communications from the public, inter-departmental bureaus and sections, and from other law enforcement agencies; and for the broadcast or rebroadcast to all mobile units within the Department, any information which will be useful in the preservation of the public peace, the prevention of crime, and the apprehension of law breakers. He shall supervise the answering of incoming calls from the general public, re-routing and otherwise disposing of such calls requiring police action.

  • See that all personnel under his command, as well as other departmental personnel are trained and instructed in the proper techniques involved in the efficient use of all communications equipment. He shall divide his tine equally in the close supervision of personnel in their operation of said equipment, and shall be especially alert to detect and correct any misuse of equipment, discourtesy on the part of personnel toward the public or other members of the Department, and any ineptness on their part.

  • Ensure consistent adherence by communications personnel and field units to policies and procedures. Monitor their performance and evaluate all communications personnel including, Technicians, Radio Dispatchers, Switchboard Operators, Tele-Service Officers and other Police Officers assigned to the Communications Bureau.

  • He shall be responsible for the ready operating condition of all communications equipment assigned to the bureau, and shall cause to be made necessary repairs and adjustments.

  • Evaluate and recommend to the Chief of Police and higher departmental officials, system configurations and hardware. Monitor and control the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of all Communications equipment.

  • Serve as liaison with other emergency service agencies on subjects related to implementations of policies and procedures regarding inter-agency communications. Attend and participate in meetings and conferences with other Criminal Justice Agencies to coordinate and upgrade communications systems.

  • Supervise for completeness and accuracy, all field records, radio logs and reports as are necessary for the efficient operation of his bureau and which may be required by the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. Report to the Chief of Police significant incidents or complaints, problems, relative to staffing, training, discipline, equipment requirements, monthly and annual activity reports, annual budget and such other matters which, in his discretion, should be brought to the attention of the Chief of Police.

  • He shall designate a competent subordinate to be in charge of the bureau in his absence, but shall not absent himself from the district without first notifying the Chief of Police.

  • Perform such other duties that may be assigned to him, from time to time by the Chief of Police.

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