Economic Crime Investigations Unit

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Formerly the Insular Investigations Bureau, it was renamed, and restructured on July 23, 2015 to become the Economic Crimes Unit (ECU).

Duties and Responsibilities

The Economic Crimes Unit will conduct criminal investigations into crimes that inflict a serious financial hardship on the community.

The Unit will also conduct investigations into identified organized criminal groups and enterprises, which by their nature require investigative resources and capabilities that exceed those of the other departamental elements or entities.

The functions of the Unit will include investigations into the Vice Crimes, Major Frauds including, but not limited to, Identity theft, Arson, scams and con games, forgery, Insurance, Credit Card, Check, Real Estate, Prescription, Government procurement, Embezzlement, Lottery Scams, telephone and or telemarketing scams, cybercrime and internet fraud, and Contractor Fraud.

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