Suspects on House Arrest (St. Croix)

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Photos and information of suspects who have been placed on house arrest by order of the Superior Court.

  • Suspects on 24 hour House Arrest are prohibited from leaving the residence listed except to appear in court, to meet with an attorney, or for a medical emergency.
  • Suspects on modified house arrest may be restricted to their listed residence during specific hours.
  1. Adrian Benjamin
    Adrian Benjamin
  2. Adrian Gerard
    Adrian Gerard
  3. Alejandro Velazquez
    Alejandro Velazquez
  4. Antonio Ilarraza
    Antonio Ilarraza
  5. Copley Evans
    Copley Evans
  6. Damian Lang
    Damian Lang
  7. Daniel E. Ambrose
    Daniel E. Ambrose
  8. Doug Forbes
    Doug Forbes
  9. Eugene Roberts
    Eugene Roberts
  10. Ikoyo Matthais
    Ikoyo Matthais
  11. Jamal Henry
    Jamal Henry
  12. Jamal Rivera
    Jamal Rivera
  13. Jason Simmonds
    Jason Simmonds
  14. Jeremiah Stubbs
    Jeremiah Stubbs
  15. Kamal Barnes
    Kamal Barnes
  16. Kareem Murrell
    Kareem Murrell
  17. Louis Magras
    Louis Magras
  18. Marcus Benton
    Marcus Benton
  19. Omari Gordon
    Omari Gordon
  20. Pernell Towers, Jr.
    Pernell Towers, Jr.
  21. Ramon Leon Cruz
    Ramon Leon Cruz
  22. Rashide Urgent
  23. Sharima Clercent
    Sharima Clercent
  24. Steven Matta
    Steven Matta
  25. Terryll Harris
    Terryll Harris
  26. Tydel John
    Tydel John

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  • Adrian Benjamin

  • Copley “Timmy” Evans

  • Doug Forbes

  • Jamal Henry

  • Jamal Rivera

  • Jason Simmonds

  • Louis Magras

  • Marcus Benton

  • Pernell Towers, Jr.

  • Rashide Urgent

  • Steven Matta

  • Tydel John

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