Most Wanted

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Individuals wanted by the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department.

These suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Information on each of these individuals can be found under the photo gallery.

  1. Akiisa Francis
    Akiisa Francis
  2. Albion Frett
    Albion Frett
  3. Almen Chesterfield
    Almen Chesterfield
  4. Austrie Isaac
    Austrie Isaac
  5. Edgard Rodriguez
    Edgard Rodriguez
  6. Edwin Encarnacion
    Edwin Encarnacion
  7. Eustace Jarvis
    Eustace Jarvis
  8. Gilberto Pie
    Gilberto Pie
  9. Hesket John
    Hesket John
  10. Jose A. Diaz
    Jose A. Diaz
  11. Kamoui Francis
    Kamoui Francis
  12. Luther Thomas
    Luther Thomas
  13. Victor Rosa
    Victor Rosa
  14. Wilston Jn. Baptiste
    Wilston Jn. Baptiste

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  • Akiisa Francis

  • Albion "Dee" Frett

  • Almen Chesterfield

  • Austrie Isaac (CAPTURED)

  • Edgard Rodriguez

  • Edwin Encarnacion (CAPTURED)

  • Eustace Jarvis (CAPTURED)

  • Gilberto Pie (CAPTURED)

  • Hesket Ovaldo John (CAPTURED)

  • Jose Antonio Diaz

  • Kamoui Francis

  • Luther Thomas

  • Victor Rosa

  • Wilston Jn. Baptiste

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