Missing People

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If you have information on any of these persons, please call (340) 778-2211 on St. Croix, (340) 774-2211 on St. Thomas, or emergency number 911.

Information on each of these individuals can be found under the photo gallery.

  1. Akilah Charleswell
    Akilah Charleswell
  2. Canute Joseph
    Canute Joseph
  3. Carrel Brady
    Carrel Brady
  4. Clayton Simmonds
    Clayton Simmonds
  5. Gerard Nicholas
    Gerard Nicholas
  6. Isaac Robins
    Isaac Robins
  7. Karin Wetzl
    Karin Wetzl
  8. Musa-Raja Sharmouj
    Musa-Raja Sharmouj
  9. Nicholas Felix Garcia
    Nicholas Felix Garcia
  10. Penny January
    Penny January
  11. Susan Spencer
    Susan Spencer

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  • Canute Joseph

  • Akilah "Shawty" Charleswell

  • Carrel "Nicky" Brady

  • Clayton Simmonds

  • Gerard Arthur Nicholas

  • Isaac Robins, Jr.

  • Karen Wetzil

  • Musa-Raji Sharmouj

  • Nicholas Felix Garcia

  • Penny Louise January

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