Members of the VIPD Consent Decree Committee

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Office of Professional Standards
Office: 340-712 6012
Director Antonio Emanuel
Consent Decree Audit and Inspections Unit
Office: 340-712-6022
Commander Captain Mary Duggan
Lieutenant Maria Colon-Jones
Antonio Emanuel
Compliance Coordinator
Office: 340-712-6079
Gregory Davila
St. Thomas / St. John
(340)715-5548, FAX (340)715-5538
Chief Darren Foy
St. Thomas
(340)715-5548, FAX (340)715-5538
Deputy Chief Eugene Alcindor
St. John
(340)693-8880, FAX (340)776-6236
Deputy Chief Arlene Chalwell
St. Croix
(340)712-6005 or (340)778-2211, FAX (340)772-3864
Chief Arthur Hector, Sr.
St. Croix
(340)712-6005 or (340)778-2211, FAX (340)772-3864
Deputy Chief Dennis James
Attorney Sheri Lewis
Office: 340-774-2211
Territorial Training
St. Croix District Office: 340-719-6737
Director, Gleston McIntosh
Planning & Research
Office: (340)-715-5505
Director, Naomi Bellot
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