Consent Decree Territorial Compliance Manager

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Director Tony Emanuel has been designated Territorial Compliance Manager of the Virgin Islands Police Department.

The Territorial Compliance Manager shall assume the responsibility of overseeing/insuring compliance and coordinate all efforts regarding the Consent Decree, and other duties assigned by the Police Commissioner.

Additionally, he will promptly execute all orders and observe all regulations prescribed by the Police Commissioner, and shall be responsible for ensuring that all such orders and regulations are obeyed and carried out as it pertains to the Consent Decree.

As the Territorial Compliance Manager he may also cause audits/investigations to ensure the adherence of the Consent Decree order.

As the territorial Compliance Manager he also serves as the Director of the Office of Professional Standards. This Division is structured to better promote the department’s policy development. Housed within the Division of the Office of Professional Standards are the following department Bureaus / Units / Sections:

  • Internal Affairs Bureau
  • Training Bureau
  • Planning and Research / Policy Development
  • Consent Decree / Audit and Inspections Unit
  • Behavioral Health Unit
  • Human Resources
  • Force Review Board

Contact Information

Tony Emanuel

Office: 340-774-2211


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